Sunday, 21 September 2014

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Book Parade

Some of our gorgeous participants in the book fair parade.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Hoiho Calendar Art for the Amazing Price of $12.50 BUY NOW!!!!!

WOW!! Take a look at the amazing calendar art produced by Hoiho this week.  Order forms should be returned by 17 September.  Take advantage of the opportunity to buy some creative presents for Christmas at great prices.

Starfish by Benjamin Gale
Enjoy the feel of the ocean with this piece of art hanging on your wall all for $12.50

By Emma Flanagan

Kewl Kewl by Tim Fahey
Buy this good looking swag whale to brighten up your walls for the amazing price of $12.50!!

Sea Creatures by Dylan Homesley
Is your wall bland?  Well let me water it up for you! Buy this oceanic calendar for only $12.50 and put some colours on that wall!!

The Thrashing Sea by Logan Ranson
This piece of great colourful art cannot be resisted and should be bought and placed on your wall for the amazing price of $12.50!!

Swimming Seal by Aria Healey
Buy this calendar and your day will not only be a whole lot more organised but brighter for the amazing art hanging on your walls.

Just Keep Swimming by Stella Ferguson
This calendar art will not only brighten up your day but keep you organised for the amazing price of $12.50!!!

By the Sea by Logan McCrae
There is Treasure Island in the background and the ship just stole all the treasure.  This is a unique piece of art by an up and coming young artist who has a family history of art.  Buy now as an investment for the future!

The Fish and a shell by James Norton
Brighten up your walls with this dazzling piece of art.  Think sunny days at the beach for $12.50 the dream could be yours!

Moonlight Help by Heidi Powick
This wonderful piece of work brings brightness to your house and puts a smile on your face.  Buy now for the amazingly cheap price of $12.50!!!

The Coral Reef by Charlotte Hill berg
Three wonderful pieces of art in 1 picture all for the amazing price of $12.50 it makes you want to buy more!!

Yellowfish by Marcus Curry
Buy this fantastic fish and your house will be so much brighter all this for $12.50!!!

The Cool Crab Creation by Brendon Oliver
This bright and breezy crab will stick out on your wall and wow your guests.  So buy now to create a great feature for your walls!!

Ocean Life by Nicole Lam
This Ocean Life calendar will put a smile on your face and brighten up your day - so buy now!!

The Ocean by Alex Spurr
This picture is made around the ways of water.  Buying this calendar art will give you different interpretations of meanings for water.  

Underwater Majesty by Eva McCauley
I wanted to capture the essence of the sea using paint.  It would look great in any room so buy now to change the way your house looks!

Hamish by Conor Davies
Brighten up your day and walls with Hamish the Seagull.  For $12.50 you will have a smile on your face all day, just like Hamish!

Dolphin Diving by Simonne Macmanus
This calendar art will bring joy to any room in your house especially at the amazing price of $12.50!!!!!

The Seagull and the Lighthouse by Laura Davies
This beautiful masterpiece will brighten up your living at the incredible price of $12.50!

Watching you by Ruben Mills
This shark will watch you from the depths of the coral reef at only an incredible $12.50!

The Rock Lobster by Alex Cleary
This fabulous red creation will brighten any wall, in any room, in any house - buy now at this amazing price!

By Georgina Fisk

Spoodermen by James Johnson
This is my sweg fush - you should buy it because it is SWEG!

Underwater Rainbow by Megan Ritchie
This colourful picture will brighten up any wall, anywhere and at $12.50 for 1 calendar it is an absolute bargain.