Friday, 21 August 2015

Bridgette's trip to Rome

Bridgette is going to update us here on her trip to Rome.  Have a wonderful time Bridgette and safe travels.

Hello, we are in Rome and its so hot, its like a billion degrees. It is so picturesque here and every where you look there is a building ten times the size of any in nz. I'm so lucky today (as part of the conference) we went to see the pope and although there thousand and thousands of people there for some reason our conference got to sit really close to him (we have lots of great photos) and afterwards he came about right up to us. He shook everyone's hand but sadly I was to faraway but he smiled and waved. A mother was holding up her baby from the audience and one of the popes body guards took her baby so the pope could hold her, he gave her a cuddle amd a kiss on the forehead and its was so cute!!  (Thursday 3 September)

America is so much fun, it has been such nice weather. The first place we went to was San Fransisco, it was so big haha, there was lots of homeless people there, begging and stuff, so we went around giving them money and Muslie bars. On the second day of San Fran we went on theses really cool old fashioned tram thingys, instead of sitting inside like a normal car or bus or something you had to hold on to poles outside of it. We did lots of shopping as well. The next day we biked over the Golden Gate Bridge, the bridge is so amazing except I got told off many many times for biking on the wrong side of the road, it's really tricky to get used to which side of the car you get into, and it looks like little kids who are sitting in the passenger seat are driving. Three days ago we came to Denver, then had a long car trip to Colorado Springs which is so beautiful. That's where I am at the moment, it's 10.00pm but I won't be tired till about 4 in the morning (still really jetlagged) tomorrow we have a 10 hour flight to Germany then straight after a 3 hour flight to Rome, which should be awesome. I'm a little bit homesick but I'm having a lot of fun, I'm not looking forward to the 25 hour flight home though. I have made lots of friends and pen pals while I'm over here and they hope to come to nelson and stay with us sometime. They all love our accents and they Mimick us haha. Also there are about three Starbucks on each street Keri would like that haha.

Alcatraz Island, it is an old prison that is infested with great white sharks in the water around it, they put all the worst criminals in there because even if they somehow managed to escape they would be eaten straight away.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Speech Topics

Subjects for the speeches are as follows

  • A Place in History
  • Aotearoa - is it the land of Plenty
  • Are Schools Necessary?
  • Sport
  • Are Zoos good for Animals?


Purpose – How will you help your audience by giving your speech?

To ENTERTAIN them: - use funny stories, good mannered jokes and humour.
To INSPIRE or PERSUADE them: - use personal stories and loads of enthusiasm.
To NARRATE for them: - be very expressive and create interest.
To EDUCATE them: - use facts, figures and give example.  Show credibility and limit jargon.
Audience – How many? What ages, education, cultures and interests.
Venue – Where are you going to speak? Can you use props or displays? Do you need equipment?
Timing – How long? 3 to 5 minutes

Material – Chose a TOPIC that interests you e.g. Boy bands
-       The FOCUS is what you specifically want to talk about e.g. Talent Shows - X factor, New Zealands Got Talent, One Direction
-       Brainstorm your topic/focus.  Add stories, quotes or some humour.
Language – A speech is spoken so use short words and short sentences.
              Use lots of active and descriptive words. E.g. Run, Jump e.g. Instead of “The Cat” use “The fat lazy purring tabby” or The sleek aggressive snarling Tom cat”

Opening Grab Audience Attention   (A noise, movement, question, statement,
                                                              quote or funny story)
                Greet the audience         (Formal or informal)
                Timing, Topic and Focus (Explain your Topic, focus and how long
                                                          you will talk for)
                3 to 5 point preview        (Say what you are going to cover in one
                                                              sentence only)
                Why you are the expert (Why they should listen to you)
                 How they will benefit     (Why they should listen)
Body       3 to 5 main point
1.     W.W.W.W.W.H   - Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
                      e.g. A description. An explanation of the rules
                             or a process or an item.
                2. P.P. F.              – Past, Present, Future.
                                                   e.g. A famous instance, example or personal
                   3. P.R.E.P.              – Make Point, give Reason and Example, repeat
                                                   e.g. A point of view, An opinion. A debate
Conclusion   3 or 5 point summary   (Say what you have said in one sentence)
                 Action Call                (What you want the audience to do because
                                                        they listened to you)
                    Conclusion                    (What you think) Finish with an exciting
                                                        statement or question
PRESENTING – Act like a Super Speaker
Hands by your sides, shoulders back, chin up, smile, eyes looking at the audience.
Appearance – Is your appearance suitable to your speech and audience?  Relax, stand comfortably and confidently.
Visuals – Are you going to use notes, props, PowerPoint or white board?
Body Language – Does it add to your speech? Say and SHOW what you mean – Length, Age, Shape, Distance, Direction, Activity, Size and Feelings.
Voice – Vary the rate, volume, pitch, tone, speak clearly.  Add emotions and sound effects.
Write your speech out in full - Read your speech out loud 10 times. (Tape or record yourself on an ipad)
Write out your Palm/Cue cards using bullet points – Practice in front of the mirror 5 times (Video yourself)
Practice in front of small audiences   a) with notes or cue cards.   b) without notes or cue cards.
Practice using high, low, soft, loud, fast and slow voice.  Practice while walking fast. (Get your heart pounding)
Above all – create an interesting speech you want to deliver and concentrate on delivering it well.

It's speech time - have some fun practising these tongue twisters in the mirror.  Remember to use facial and voice expression.  Read the following article on dogonews 

Remember when making a speech the key is to keep you audience interested and AWAKE! 
Even President Obama has to work on that!

Kid President Makes it Awesome!

Take some time to watch these speeches.  For each speech make some notes on the structure of the speech and the techniques used.  Did the speaker use repetition?, did they ask questions?, what points did they make?, how did they make them?, did they have a conclusion?, did they use gestures?, did they use facial or voice expressions? Now think about your speech how can you make it just as effective?

Visit this link to see an animated version of how to make your speech better.

Joshua Iosefa's Inspiring Speech - Brown Brother

The Girl Who Silenced the World / 20th Anniversary

Visit this link for ideas on how to use your voice to keep your listeners interested.