Sunday, 11 December 2016


The Advent tradition of Krsitkindle.
Each class in the school will discuss and quietly complete kind, helpful acts throughout the school day (eg. rubbish duty, leaving thoughtful note for cleaners, sweep courtyards, open doors for staff, take some pre-loved toys to the Vincent De Paul, using good manners etc,). These acts are discussed and completed as a class or in groups for people they see in need and will also be encouraged to be carried on at home. Teachers will encourage quiet, small acts of generosity for others without looking for acknowledgement. Each child will be given a name of another child to give a Kristkindle gift
to on the last day of school – Friday 16 December. Families are asked to provide a small, wrapped gift that their child can give to their Kristkindle on the final day. The gift can be homemade and if purchased should not cost more than $5.00. Please put the name of the child receiving the gift on the outside and the name of the child giving the gift on the inside. In keeping with the spirit of Kristkindle please help your child to keepthe name of their Kristkindle a secret until the day.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Advent Outreach

Advent Outreach

We are collecting festive food items to donate to St Vincent de Paul who will use them to make Christmas food hampers for people in our community this Christmas.
Please consider giving foods such as fruit cakes, tinned fruit, pickles, sauces and relish to go with meat, jams and jellies, meringues, fruit mince pies, chocolate, fruit sauces for use with desserts, good quality biscuits, crackers to go with cheese and dips, nuts etc.
The food will be presented to St Vincent de Paul at the 9.30am mass on Sunday 4 December 2016.
We would like to encourage every family to support this opportunity to reach out to those in need.
Thank you.
“I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me a drink; I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these followers of mine, you did it for me!”  Matthew 25

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Operation Christmas Child Collection

Remember to bring in your gift for the Operation Christmas Child collection.  As a class we elected to bring items for a 2-4 year old girl. 
Share with your families the attached you tube clips - it is amazing what joy small gifts brings to others.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Skiing at Rainbow

Check out these photos of our great day out at Rainbow Ski field.  A big thank you to all our parent helpers and instructors.  It was a brilliant day!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Hoiho learns Bike Safety

On Monday we were very fortunate to have Murray and his team come along and teach us road safety using our bikes.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Ski Trip Information

Below are the details of the Year 7 and 8 ski trip planned for Friday September 16th.  I have included a transport list with the names of the children in each car and the adult driver.  I WOULD ASK ALL PARENTS TO SIGN THE SLIP BELOW GIVING THEIR CONSENT FOR THEIR CHILD TO TRAVEL UP TO THE SKIFIELD WITH THAT DRIVER.  (There is 1 more child who requires a ride.  Could any of the drivers please let me know ASAP if you are able to take another child in your vehicle.)

If for any reason there is an error or change of circumstances please contact me on

We will need to leave school by 7.45 am on Friday the 16th  so I would appreciate all drivers and students being at  the school by 7.40am at the latest.  If you need to be picked up on the way ie because you live in the  Brightwater or Wakefield direction, please can you contact your driver and make arrangements for this pick up.  Some people will need to get on the shuttle bus to take them up to the mountain and this will parked at the bottom of the ski access road for a departure between 9.15am and 9.30am.  All cars that go up the access road should carry chains, although the road conditions should be reasonable.  
I anticipate that at the end of the day we will be back in Nelson between 4.30 and 5pm.  I will ring the school on our departure from the field so that they have our ETA.
It is essential that students bring appropriate clothing for the day and below is a suggested gear list.  Students need to bring some spare gear with them so they have something dry and warm to travel home in.  Everyone will will need plenty of food and water during the day and there is a cafe available on the mountain for hot drinks and snacks.


Woolly hat
Warm thermal layer
sweatshirt/polar fleece
Thermal Leggings or tights
Ski pants or waterproof overpants
Socks (include spare pair)
Ski goggle or sunglasses
Spare warm clothes
Extra gloves

Transport list

Destination Top/Bus
Caroline, Trinity, Kimberly,Henry, Todd
Sam, Patrick, Ben, Josh
Annalise, Aylish, Emily S, Emily M
Margeaux, Ruby, Grace H,
Grace Ashc, Ms Dodd,
Kilian, Jacob M, David
Reuben, Ruairi, James
Andy, Sean, Charlie
Jacob, Joel, Kyle
Finn, Jonte, William
Abbey, Hannah, Olivia R, Aria
Catriona Ward
Jonty, Brenna, Amy J, Hayley, Douglas, Brooke
Total 43 children

If parents wish to ski they can make arrangements for this on the mountain although there is a discount available for accompanying parents.
Safety notes
Please note that we carry an extensive first aid kit and that there are trained medical personnel on the ski field.  The more confident skiers who wish to ski up on the top lift will have at least one adult skiing in this area  as well as the usual ski patrol.  The children will be briefed prior to the trip about the need to ski in control and within their ability.  The lower part of the field is visible to all parents should any child require assistance.  Rainbow Ski Field provide us with an extensive Risk Assessment document which is available at the office if you wish to view it.

On my previous letter I said that the ski package is $50 - This has actually increased to $55 for the 2016 season.  This charge includes ski gear hire, lesson and lift pass.  If your child has gear the cost is $39 ( Pass and lesson) and if your child has gear and a season’s pass the cost is $22.  We will be using the shuttle bus for some of the children adding a $4 charge to every student’s cost.  

If there are any queries please contact myself or Ms Dodd at school.  We look forward to a great day with the students!
Kind regards

Philippa Hood and Cathie Dodd

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Canonisation of Mother Teresa

Rita Ora sings at the canonisation of Mother Teresa

Garin Technology

It was a busy old time at Garin last week, making pancakes, using the 3D printer, making sailboats and hats.  All sound normal but um look a little bit different ....

Tree Planting

We were invited by the TDC in a beautification project of our local environment so we walked down to the stream area just off Templemore Drive and planted over a 100 trees and plants.

Book Fair Photos

Wow what a wonderful book fair we had - thank you so much to all our wonderful helpers.  What a huge success it was raising over $1400.00 in books for the library.  Amazing effort everyone - thank you!!!

Ministry of Inspiration Year 7 and 8 Intermediate Quiz

This year we entered 3 teams in the Intemediate Quiz that was held at the Upper Moutere School.  It was a brilliant night with lots of cool games and fun things happening throughout the evening.  We played heads and tails, musical statues and told lots of jokes - and oh answered a few questions.  St Paul's Wonderpets managed to hold on to win the quiz and our two teams the Falcons and Savages were 6th and 7th with very close scores to the placegetters.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Book Fair Week - Week 6

Book Fair begins this week - encourage your family to come along and support our fair.  There are lots of fantastic books and novelty items to purchase!  
Mufti Day is on Wednesday - Dress up in our Kiwiana Country theme!
Competitions - enter one or more of the following competitions during the week.

Mystery Object
What do you think it is?  Enter the draw at the Book Fair. Entries close Thursday 3.30pm

Colouring in Competition
3 age groups - pick up an entry form from your teacher.  
Leave your entry in the competitions box at the book fair. Entries close on Friday at morning tea time  and will be displayed in the senior roost.

Design a bookmark
Design a bookmark using materials of your choice.  Your bookmark should show a Kiwiana theme.  Bookmarks should be placed in the competition box at the Book Fair they will judged on Friday morning.  

What is your favourite New Zealand written book?
Do you have a New Zealand book that you love?
Complete the ‘Recommend a book page.  Prizes will be awarded for the best recommendations at Junior, Middle and Senior level.  Ask your teacher for an entry form and leave them in the competition box at the Book Fair.  Entries will judged on Friday morning.

Gumboot Throwing Competition.  
Meet at the coned area on the field, register and throw the gumboot.  One throw only!
Tuesday - Juniors at 12.45pm
Wednesday - Middles at 12.45pm
Thursday - Seniors at 12.45pm

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Speech Competition

It is time to start preparing for this years speech competition.  Start gathering some ideas about the topic you are most interested in, I'm intrigued about the weirdest words! We will spend some time in class this week reviewing speech writing and techniques for presenting an effective speech.

The topics are
1. My list of 7 wonders of the world today                        
2. What would we do without electricity
3.The weirdest words in the language…how to say them and how to use them!
4. The beginners guide to using a smart phone: How to teach your Granny
5. Listen to your parents                                                     
6. My secret life as…your choice!)

Speeches are to be between 3-5 minutes in length.

Visit this link to watch some speeches

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Week 10 Term 2

It’s the last week of Term 2, wow the year is moving super fast! If you are interested in being part of the Year 7 and 8 quiz team this year please come to a meeting in Hoiho at lunchtime, Monday.  
NBS Academic Quiz-Intermediates  "World Cultures”  Wednesday, 24 August, 6pm Upper Moutere School
Academic Quiz Intermediates is the greatest quiz for Top of the South Intermediate students and you can be part of it.
Get a team of six of the most amazing brains you know, fabricate a fantastic name, and register here to enter.
The cost is $30 per team and the prizes are amazing!  Co-ordinate your costumes, decorate your table and rock up to win
Overall theme is..... World Cultures
Research the categories:
  1. Art- Italian Artists
  2. Science-New Zealand Biodiversity
  3. SuperQuiz-Fun Facts on Cultures
  4. Health-American Diet
  5. NZ Sign Language
  6. History-TTPA and Brexit
  7. Music of Indigenous People
  8. Mathematics-Famous Codes
As part of Maori Language Week we are having a Matariki sharing time with Kea class on Thursday.  Please ensure that your Maori God art and observational drawings are complete and ready to present.  If you are in the Manu Taratahi group this should be ready to fly and the 2 play groups ready to perform.  
This year's theme for Maori Language Week is akina to reo, or behind you all the way, which aims for Maori language to be used as a way to support, motivate and encourage people, whether it be on the sporting sidelines or in other pursuits.  Some phrases to try:
Ka mau te wehi - That's outstanding
Kia manawanui - Hang in there
Ka pai hoki koe - Good on you