Saturday, 14 June 2014


Our Canadian epals are about to finish their school year.  We have really enjoyed sharing emails with our new friends in British Columbia and learning about their lives.  Their teacher has sent me the following.

Our school year is coming to and end quicker than we want here in BC, Canada! Our union is in a bit of a battle for a new contract right now and we've voted in favour of a full strike. So, our school year will likely be over in about a week unfortunately:( 

I've had great time corresponding with you and your class this year! If you'd like to pick it up again next year, I'll have a new group of grade 7's in September and we'd be more than happy to continue the emails! Please let me know. 

We have computer time early next week and I'll make sure all of my students send a final email next week. If your students could send a reply back, my students would be much appreciative! 

Also, if any of the students want to continue their correspondence from home, I will periodically login over the summer and continue to forward emails on. 

Thanks and hope you have a great school year! 

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