Saturday, 28 February 2015

Cricket Opportunity

Would you like to go to the Scotland vs Bangladesh cricket game at Saxton Oval on Thursday?
If so bring $5.00 along on Monday for a ticket.  We have a limited number of tickets available - maybe you could bring along mum or dad as a parent helper.  This is a fabulous opportunity to support two teams competing at the Cricket World Cup here in Nelson.  

An email was sent home on Friday advising parents.  You will need to wear your PE gear and bring lunch, snack, water bottle, sunscreen,  and we will allow you to bring $5.00 spending money. We leave school at 9.30am and will walk down and return to school after the first innings about 2.00pm.  You will be given a pass out if you want to return after school.  

Sounds lots of fun!   



Who is going to win?

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  1. Ceanna McAwesome5 March 2015 at 19:56

    IRELAND WILL WIN!!! I don't care about that chocolate, i just want Ireland to Win! \(>U<)/