Sunday, 19 February 2017

Visit to Brook Waimarama Sanctuary

On Thursday we were very privileged to visit the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary and learn all about the fantastic work that is happening there.  Rick showed us the predator fence and talked to us about  the history and the future focus of the sanctuary.  After lunch Mel from the council taught us how to test the water for clarity and flow.  A special thank you to our parent helpers who came along for the day.


  1. This trip was... AWESOME!!! I loved learning about what the Brooks workers are doing to protect our native animals and plants. -Rosa

  2. The brook sanctuary was so fun with great learning and lots of fun activity's to do.

  3. THe sanctuary was so... natural. It really gave me and insight to what NZ looked like before it got milled! So pure and full of life, I loved the walk.