Friday, 7 April 2017

Masterchef vs My Kitchen Rules - Garin Technology

Technology by Josephine
On Tuesday it was a typical day - the ⅞’s trundled off to Garin College in the morning for Technology. There are 4 rotations: Fashion Design, Computer, Food and woodwork. But something new was going on in the kitchens of R block - a competition! 13 of the Year 8’s had been preparing for 4 sessions. Planning how it would be presented, what would be the tasty filling in it and how they would actually construct it. There were 3 groups: 2 groups of 3 and a group of 4. One group consisted of Brenna Shellock, Aylish Inwood and Grace Astle, making a 3 layered pizza pie. The second group was Ruairi Moorhead, Dominic Muirhead and Sean Wallace, making a calzone with a strudel filling. The last group had Josephine Hills, William Powick, Amy Haley and Reuben Scragg, making a Tiramisu pie. Last week was the trial run week, and it seems all produced pies were a big success. This week was the real thing. The 3 judges just happened to be parents of students that attend Saint Paul's, Mrs Rankin, Mr Northage and Mr Pimm. As they moved around the room, the tension grew until the scores were announced. The Tiramisu group won - by 1 point!!! It turned out to be a fun and successful morning with great food.  

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